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World Domination
morgana006 wrote in b_batb
Seeing as I am no longer alone on these here internets, I thought it would be nice to get to know some of the New Members. Thinking hard, I devised a plan!

An entirely optional series of questions which the New Members can answer!

1. What do you go by?
2. How did you find the show?
3. Favorite episode so far?
4. Favorite character so far?
5. What do you like the best about the show?
6. What do you like the least about the show?
7. Quote something!
8. Other interests?

And then you can say whatever you want!

Fun idea, guys?

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Sorry this is late, was distracted by that insanity that is RL.


1. Drakyndra. Or Draky. Or Melissa. Or Mel. Take your pick.
2. Probably through scans_daily (May it rest in piece). I'm not entirely certain.
3. Ooh, tough one. I loved Fall of the Blue Beetle, the finale was lots of fun, but anything with high amounts of lulz gets my vote.
4. I'd say Jaime, which isn't really fair, since he was why I started watching. But Aquaman is continually hilarious.
5. The fact that it is complete and utter glorious crack - who cares about logic, rationality and physics when you can have awesome (Or funny).
6. Totally with the crowd here: Absence of female characters with decent roles. The fact more will be coming soon is good; having some as recurring characters and non-Batman leads would be ideal.
7. "We're outgunned!"
"Why does that matter? We don't even use guns!"
8. Many and varied - check my profile or recent posts for details. Currently big on Fullmetal Alchemist and Watchmen, but my interests change frequently.

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