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And it Begins!
Blue Beetle
morgana006 wrote in b_batb
Welcome one, welcome all (well, mostly one so far) to the Batman: the Brave and the Bold fan comm.

Things we like: Discussion, fanart, fanfic, icons, games, comparisons between comics versus the cartoon.

Things we don't like: Trolls, wank (Let's try not to end up here), being rude, Serious Business.

Really guys. If you're being all Serious Business about a cartoon that includes Platelet, clearly you are doing something wrong.

If we do get a troll post or especially wanky thread, and I am not here, feel free to bring out the macros and animations. I am particularly fond of the one with Jaime getting the kitten out of the tree.

It is okay to disagree or criticize! Just don't get all offensive and mean about it. Be polite. The show is fun, and the comm should be fun too, yes? :D

Last but not least, it is a kid's show, so any more... "adult" discussion or themed content should include a warning and be under a cut, okay? I know that it won't really stop any determined kid, but I'm asking as a common courtesy.

That being said, feel free to ask me questions now!

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Just checking in to say YAY.

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