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World Domination
morgana006 wrote in b_batb
Seeing as I am no longer alone on these here internets, I thought it would be nice to get to know some of the New Members. Thinking hard, I devised a plan!

An entirely optional series of questions which the New Members can answer!

1. What do you go by?
2. How did you find the show?
3. Favorite episode so far?
4. Favorite character so far?
5. What do you like the best about the show?
6. What do you like the least about the show?
7. Quote something!
8. Other interests?

And then you can say whatever you want!

Fun idea, guys?

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1. Usually Lorelei on the intertubes.
2. S_D!
3. I haven't seen every episode yet (D:), but I really liked the one where El Bat Hombre randomly met Jonah Hex without any sort of explanation. That's the kind of crack I can get behind.
4. Jaime!
5. I like the crack, chums.
6. There are no ladies.
7. "No, my interplanetary sweetheart!"
8. Lots of TV (esp 30 Rock, Dexter, and Mad Men, and my new love, Better Off Ted), knitting, old movies, and pre-1960 British murder mysteries.

Ah, I love the crack. ♥

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