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The Brave, the Bold

The Brave, the Bold, and the Fans
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All Members , Moderated
Batman: Brave and the Bold fans
A community for fans of the cartoon: BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD.

Your current mod is morgana006, though more and/or different mods may appear when I am no longer the only member.


1. Be polite. Be nice. Remember: It's all fun and games until it ends up on fandom_wank; then it's all fun and games for an entirely different group of people.

2. Fanart, Fanfics, icons, discussion posts are not only allowed but highly encouraged.

3. It is a cartoon people (Not to say that cartoons can't be for adults, but you get my point). Keep swearing and adult concepts to a minimum, and if your fic/fanart has things Not Suitable For Children, put a warning and a cut.

4. If your post is big or long, put it under a cut. Gotta keep those friends' lists clean, right? Text is to your own discretion, but anything bigger than 500x500 pixels should be under a cut, and only around 3-5 icons are allowed outside the cut. This rule is more guidelines, I won't get on your case if you have 540x600 px or 6 icons. But 10 icons and 700x600 will get a warning.

5. Have fun.

If you're being wanky or a troll, the mods (well, me) reserve the right to ban you, but we won't unless you're being really stupid. And we'll give you a warning beforehand.